Why choose US for your Wedding?

We know how stressful your wedding day can be. All that planning and making sure everything is right and you have not forgotten anything. With AK Photography we want to relieve some of that stress.

AK Photography does not want to be in your face and demand your attention. Our style of photography is to blend in with the background and capture and document your whole day without you knowing we are there.

Our approach to photography is for a natural look and feel. We understand there will be staged images, such as group shots with friends and family, there is no getting away from that traditional shot, but the rest of the day is focused on the Bride and Groom, who are sharing there special day with loved ones.

Have a look at our currant Portfolio and our Testimonials to see our work and what people have said about us.

What We Offer

AK Photography offer 3 packages for that are reasonably priced and can be available to everyone:

Not what you are looking for? Contact Us via the Contact Form below and we can tailor make a package to suit your budget or needs.

Recently it has been documented that some photographers are turning down clients/customers due to their gender or sexual orientation.

Here at AK Photography we do not discriminate. Every person is entitled to their special day and for the memories to be capture, AK Photography want to be a part of that special day.

We are more than happy to help in anyway possible with your special day.

Have a look at our Wedding Portfolio or our Packages

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